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Sophie is one of a handful of people in Europe who have travelled to the US to train to teach MB-EAT (mindfulness based eating awareness training), the most researched and evaluated mindful eating program.  She has also undertaken mindfulness teacher training with Oxford Mindfulness.

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The tools that Sophie shares with her clients can best be described as cultivating mindful eating awareness.  We work together to use mindfulness, a way of focusing our attention without criticism or judgement, to bring our awareness to two areas:

  • mindfulness of our body (e.g how full are we, how good (or otherwise) does our food taste, how does our body feel?)
  • mindfulness of our thoughts (e.g are we on autopilot, are our thoughts harsh & critical, are we craving a particular food or sensation?)

By combining mindfulness based tools with a solid understanding of how foods make us feel and how they effect our health, we can start to create a new, sustainable relationship between food, enjoyment and health.


Mindfulness and mindfulness-based eating awareness can be useful in a number of different situations:

– Mindful eating for a health weight

– As an addition to your toolbox in preparation for or after bariatric surgery

– Eating healthily to manage a long-term health condition while still enjoying your food

– Binge eating and overeating

– Making long term weight maintenance enjoyable and sustainable

– Eating well and looking after yourself during busy and stressful times


She works with individual clients to teach mindful eating and also writes on the topic  and delivers workshops.  We can also lead sessions as part of your retreat or health program. If you are interesting in either of these services please get in touch via our contact page.


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