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Worton Organic Garden

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Oxfordshire life

This week Worton Farm Shop and Organic Garden, one of my favourite places to buy fresh food in the Oxford area, had a big article all to itself in the Telegraph after a visit from gardener and cookery writer Sarah Raven. If you’ve taken a look at my food blog, Mostly Eating, many of the photos are of vegetables grown by Anneke and David.  Worton is...

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Tips on which fruit and vegetables to eat if you are taking a stanol or sterol supplement

Posted by on Aug 5, 2012 in Healthy heart

Plant stanol and sterol supplements can change the way you absorb some of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. If you are taking one of these supplements to lower your cholesterol, it’s worth taking a little more care with the quantity and type of fruits and vegetables that you eat. Stanols and Sterols such as Flora Proactive and Benecol are...

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